Our Services

Corporate Governance and Training

We offer systematic review and guidance on a number of critical areas in corporate governance. Sustainable growth demands a thorough appraisal for statutory compliance and risk management. We guide, train and empower institutions and businesses for effective response to regulatory matters.

Statistical Consulting For Businesses

In order to provide clear overview on trends, market dynamics and new developments, we provide you with our independent research findings for correct reaction and alignment to emerging markets and strategic for your institution’s drivers and profitability.

Strategy and Operational plans for Businesses

We take pride in taking you through planning processes for your suitable and sustainable strategy and operational manuals. Your require tools for achieving long term objectives or a broader way of getting into desirable success and performance. “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”― Benjamin Franklin

 Direct Support and Services (“Manager”)

All services are blended with deployment and integration of SMART tools for operational excellence and management. Selection of staff is carefully and professionally recruited for 3rd millennium skill sets required to spur operational efficacy. Contracting ARBC as “The Manager”, directly responsible for performance and compliance, allows our client to focus on immediate and long term goals based on management reports.

Technology Services

We offer advice and technical support for institutions and companies to leverage on the fast evolving changes in technological advancement for productivity, rapid response and efficiency. The age of knowledge economy require executives to make necessary decisions and interventions with speed to keep up with dynamic business models. We put emphasis on relevant and current ICT as potent tools in Monitoring, evaluation and strategy of your business drivers.

Academic and Business Research Consulting

Advanced Research and Business Consulting is set to be a leading research consultancy in helping entrepreneurs, professionals and students achieve their goals in academic research while upholding ethical approach. With application of a range of quantitative and qualitative unbiased solutions, the team utilize high level of accuracy to grow businesses, scholars and policy makers.