About Us

Advanced Research and Business Consulting Limited (ARBC) was founded in 2015 and constitutes a robust, independent and compact management of consulting on corporate services, products and innovation including, but not limited to: Governance and management solutions; technology, business research, FINTECH innovation and solutions; international collaborations.


ARBC consulting offers assistance to corporate and institutions in finding innovative solutions.

Our company is committed to maintaining most talented and experienced team in corporate which together a huge learning curve in: management; administration; policy; Coaching; research and statistics; FINTECH solutions; organizational structures; finance and audit.

Our directors have excelled in corporate world as well as in academia, and this is the biggest backbone of our team.

Focused on institutionalization of their operations for institutions, SMEs, industries, local authorities and governmental bodies, ARBC limited is strategically positioned to provide innovative solutions to clients in the fields of corporate governance; FINTECH; Financial Services; Retail & Distribution; Real Estate; and technological integrations that would potentially create organizational efficacy and effective service offering.

Strategy & Vision

Vision statement

To be a leading consulting firm for scaling up institutional growth through research and corporate management training and consultancy.

Mission statement

Our Mission is to be the most dependable, accurate and successful consulting company in Africa on the premises of innovation, customer experience, corporate solutions, research and development. We look to a future where we have substantive competitive consulting advantage globally.

Growth strategy

The company intends to recruit more knowledgeable partners to add the already huge accumulated expertise in order to meet clientele needs and perfect customer experience.

Quality policy

ARBC applies a range of integrated solutions for efficiency and in keeping with modern applications.